Training and Guidance

 stern options training and guidance

Preparation is always the most important ingredient for success in any enterprise. Stern Options knows this very well and they demonstrate it to excellent effect with the fully comprehensive binary options training have made available to everyone who opens a trading account with them. And there’s a big plus to this, it is free-to-use binary options training, and you can set your own timescale for it because it is all online.

To make profits in binary options you need to know when to act, when to make your trades. So you need to know how to recognize and interpret markets and the price movements taking place in them.

Where can I learn to make profits from binary options?

trading academy link

The trading academy link can be found the foot of the Stern website front page.

Of course you could surf the internet for training anywhere, as I have, but I have been through the Stern Academy and it really is unparalleled educational material which has been produced by professionals who are teaching from a lot of experience.

What’s in store for the pupil in Stern’s academy?

No personal experience is necessary to be able to do this training. The knowledge and expertise this training gives you will be an indispensable resource for your success.

Introduction to Binary Options – Watch and learn from Stern’s 15 introductory videos.

Binary strategies – how can you use strategy if you don’t know what kind of strategy to use! Learn about Risk Management and how to protect your capital and trade effectively. Learn what zigzagging graphs mean for your opportunity to make profits. Learn to structure your trading within your capital amount. Learn how to use market information, news and data to maximum effect.

Platform tutorials and video – Don’t be put-off by what at first glance might seem like the controls of a space-ship because a child of ten could learn to use it in less than an hour. Stern’s online trading platform is the most versatile and sophisticated in the industry. The buttons you have to press and the signals you have to know are user-friendly. In comparison to this, driving a car is for rocket scientists.

Economics – a general overview of the nature of economics and capital markets, this course will show you how they relate to each other and how some movements in prices happen repeatedly and for the same reasons while others are seasonal or happen because of published news. For example, official statement of policy from central banks or share issues.

Advanced Binary Options – initially for the experienced binary options investors, these courses will show you some of the secrets of success you might not have considered at all.

Binary Options eBooks – learn about market behavior and psychology and let your imagination for success take shape with the help of trading models.


This brief overview of what’s available to you in Stern’s training academy has given you more confidence already I hope. But if you are already worrying that this is a massive project, don’t, because it is not. I was an absolute beginner when I started investing in binary options and I only completed the first seven topics before I started making profits.

Stern’s training school is not the only resource available to you on their website. There is also an Asset Index, FAQs, and comprehensive Glossary.

Support is here, you are not alone!

Studying how to make money with binary options theory and practice and using Stern’s online platform makes common sense. But the learning process doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve done the school work, you are not alone. Stern appoints a dedicated account manager to all its clients and Stern’s client support team are available to help all the time.

Your account manager is part of a team of expert market analysts and financial analysts who have more than two-hundred years of combined experience between them. When you want to get some good advice, the client support division at Stern Options are contactable by phone, email and online Chat.


These educational resources have been expertly crafted to be didactic and relevant. They are therefore simple to understand and easy to learn how to use. They also exist as a resource that you can refer back to any time.