Trading Tools

stern options trading tools

In order to achieve the best possible success with trading in binary options, utilizing trading tools in your trading is essential. In this article we will go through a couple of the most common Trading Tools that will lead you to trading success!

Signals Trading Tools

Especially useful for beginners who may still be learning, binary options signals are a tool that can successfully transform your trading if you use them correctly. Signals come in a wide variety of forms and versions but, essentially, these signals are generated by software that analyses current market trends and patterns. From using this information, signals are created and sent to the trader (often via email or SMS) to indicate which trades are likely to be the most profitable with the current market.

As mentioned, beginners often utilize signals in their trading as they do all the hard analytical work for you. Perfect for those who are unable to analyse the markets themselves, signalling is one of the most common tools used with regard to binary options.

However, it’s vitally important that you do your research before installing signalling software as, with the majority of services on the internet, there are a lot of fraudulent sites which don’t offer truly legitimate, reliable software.  But, as long as you properly investigate and read up on the different types of signalling software available, you’ll be well on your way to executing your most successful trades yet!


Often regarded as the foundation of binary options trading success, visual charts should be a basic essential for every serious trader. Charts provide the bulk of technical analysis in visual form so you, the trader, can instantly see a representation of market trends and how a particular financial asset is doing.

Generally known to provide great predictive value too, charts often help traders make much more accurate predictions of the market sentiment.  Making accurate predictions is a huge component of successful binary trading and combining signals with charts brings focus and vitality to your ability to you do just that.

Resistance and support levels

A useful addition to a standard chart and which can be extremely beneficial to the entire trading experience, having accurate depictions of both support and resistance levels are very important. Generally represented as two lines (one for support, one for resistance), these lines should be recognized as upper and lower limits of market sentiment or anticipation. This will allow for increased accuracy in your overall planning of a trading strategy, and can contribute to successful money-management too.

The support line will be placed in the bottom section of the chart, and is generated using lowest current price values.  Whereas, the resistance line is seen on the top of the chart, and represents the highest values seen over a specified time frame.  Essentially providing a greater insight into the markets and yet more opportunities to make even more successful trade predictions, resistance and support levels are of vital importance that all traders should take seriously.

Overall, it’s clear to see that regardless of whether you’re a beginner to trading or have been trading for many years, trading tools are an extremely useful asset,  no matter what your levels of experience are. Whilst signalling is often hailed as most helpful to new traders, that’s not to say of course that it wouldn’t help very experienced traders either; there’s no specific rules to which tools you use within trading.  Like most aspects of binary options trading, each individual trader will have their own preferences of what works for them – this also applies to tools too. The above are only a small amount of the tools that can be incorporated in trading. So, if you take what you’ve read here and implement it into further research, you’re well on your way to achieving your best trades so far!  Further questions that you may have on this topic can be addressed to Stern’s customer support team that you can read more about here.