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Customer Reviews for Stern Options

There are no better spokespeople than satisfied customers and the clients and traders at Stern Options have a lot to say about the Stern Binary Options platform and their 24/7 customer service people. Read on for all the information:

Customer Review #1

I’m a total newcomer to trading in Binary Options so was just looking for a site that was simple with a trading platform that I could easily understand and use.

When I first checked out Stern Options, I was slightly intimidated to say the least. Its color scheme and overall layout seemed very high-class, which made me initially think that it was aimed at expert traders (not newcomers like me!). However, I did a bit more exploring because I wanted to keep an open mind, and I soon discovered that Stern Options had everything that I would ever need from my first trading site.

I went straight to their FAQ page first, and it became clear that Stern Options puts the happiness and satisfaction of their clients above all else which definitely made me feel a lot more comfortable and less intimidated. I also loved their page dedicated to education, and I found their beginner’s guide to trading extremely useful. Overtly clear that it caters to traders of all experience levels, Stern Options had won me over by this point.

Upon creating my account, I actually called up for advice and assistance on the documents I would need to provide for verification. The woman I spoke to was super helpful and gave me all the assistance I needed. Overall my impressions of Stern Options have been great so far, and I can’t wait to continue my trading!

Customer Review #2

I have been a loyal client of Stern Options for over 2 years now, so I can safely say that I’m a huge fan of the site! Everything from its customer service to its top-of-the-range trading platform, Stern Options has it all.

When I initially discovered the site a couple of years ago, I was introduced to Stern Options through an old family friend. He’d been trading in Binary Options for years but, since neither of my parents were interested, I’d never been exposed to it as a child so knew nothing about it until he enlightened me. Stern Options was the site that he mentioned using, so it made sense for me to check it out myself.

As soon as I created my account and began my trading journey, I’ve never looked back. Stern Options offers all the educational and strategic knowledge needed for a beginner trader to grow into an expert, and they offer bespoke account options tailored to how much money you want to invest. Offering the option to trade in currencies, commodities, stocks and indices, the opportunities are huge at Stern Options, enabling you to tailor your trading experience to be exactly how you want it. That’s what I did, and I’m still with them to this day!

If I ever have any problems (which is very rare), their support team are always on-hand to provide top-quality advice and help for any issue or query you may have. Offering either email or telephone communication, you can contact them using whichever method best suits you, and someone is guaranteed to respond promptly.

Customer Review #3

One of the most secure and safe trading sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of trading with, Stern Options do everything they can to ensure your money and personal details are 100% secure at all times.

One of my main stipulations when looking for a new trading site was utmost safety. I’ve unfortunately been victim of fraud before, and I was not prepared to let it happen to me again. Therefore, I wanted a site that I knew I could trust, giving me peace of mind at all times whilst making my deposits and subsequent withdrawals.

As soon as I discovered Stern Options, their homepage immediately put me at ease. Bursting with class and luxury, it’s clear that Stern Options isn’t one of those dodgy cheap-looking trading sites that so often suck people in just to take their money. I read up on all their pages to make sure I was comfortable and, after reading their corporate pledge, I knew that this was 100% the site for me.

When I was signing up for my account, I was advised to go for their Preferred account option as it was a perfect fit for the amount of money I wanted to invest. In addition, this account also came supplied with a bespoke account manager who would be on-hand to give expert advice and help whenever I needed it – so far this has been a great asset to my trading and really improved my strategy!

Customer Review #4

I wouldn’t say I’m an ‘expert’ trader i.e. I don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into my Binary Options trading. But, I do take my trading seriously and my ultimate goal is to become a total expert in the field. Being able to comfortably invest $100,000 into my account with pure confidence of getting a supremely high return is a goal that I was determined to achieve. When I discovered Stern Options, I instantly felt like I was one step closer to achieving this dream simply by creating an account!

Upon first entering the site, the immediate aspect that grabbed my attention was the words ‘we don’t just serve customers – we create power traders’. Without sounding too off-putting, this completely spoke to me and I felt like I’d found the perfect site to help me achieve my goal. All I’ve ever wanted was to improve my trading skills and become an expert, and I felt like Stern Options could be the place to be. However, even though I was very excited, I didn’t want to launch in straight away without exploring the site more first. So, I went ahead and browsed through their pages to see if they could really offer what I wanted.

I first checked out their FAQ page as this seemed to be the most logical place to start, and I was really impressed with how concise (yet informative) the answers were. Straight to the point with telling me exactly what I needed to know, I was ready to create an account!

Since then, my strategies and trading expertise has significantly improved thanks to this site. So, all I can say is – thank you Stern Options!

Customer Review #5

I’ve always been interested in trading in Binary Options, but I’ve never really had the confidence to put myself out there and go for it. With any kind of trading there is always an element of risk and, since I’m not really a risk taker, I was never truly sure whether trading was for me. However, there was just something about trading in Binary Options that interested me and, even though I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to get into it myself, I still wanted to learn more.

So, I started looking online at different trading websites and eventually came across Stern Options. Despite my initial worry and skepticism about trading, Stern Options completely changed my mind for the better. The whole vibe of the site made me feel very comfortable, and their array of educational resources gave me everything would need to learn and expand my knowledge – maybe enough to even become a trader myself.

With more and more research into the site, and a bit of encouragement from my friends, I decided to just go for it and create an account. With the account option I chose, I was given an expert account manager who helped me every step of the way and was always on-hand if I ever had any questions or worries about my trading.

Since then, I would still consider myself to be a beginner, but Stern Options has been a huge contributor in increasing my confidence with Binary Options trading!


Stern Options is dedicated to their clients and provides first-rate service. If you’re looking for a company that wants to help you succeed, then Stern Options is right place for you. First time traders need not worry, education and an account manager will on hand to guide and assist you. To read more on my own thoughts on Stern Options read my Reviewing Stern Options page.