Binary Options Strategies

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A knowledge of strategy is necessary for success in binary options investing. At Stern Options they have everything worked out for you. Stern Options have produced a set of videos on the topic of binary options strategies and registered account holders can access and study these on the Stern website. You can find the videos located in the Stern’s Binary Options Training Academy. The training academy is free-to-use and can be accessed at any time, which means you can study at your leisure and on a schedule that you decide entirely.

Importance of Binary Options Strategy

Your choice of strategy initially might be determined by the amount of investment capital you have in your account to work with. But whatever amounts of money you are investing with you have to have a working knowledge of binary options strategy. There are no entry qualifications required before you can expect to understand the material available to learn from in the Stern training academy. The demonstration and instructional videos have been designed by Stern’s team of analysts who have over two hundred years of combined experience in this industry. As well as binary options training videos, you should also act on advice from your Stern Options dedicated account adviser who is an experience market analyst.

Your initial priority is going to be the potential profits you can make on each binary option contract. But don’t let the high profit levels that are available preoccupy your thinking at this stage. Because the contract doesn’t depend on the actual degree of price movement, but simply on a higher or lower number at the expiry time, which means the potential for losing contracts is minimalized. So planning when and which assets to invest in should rest on applying a strategy that (a) has reliably performed before; (b) is appropriate to the conditions in the stocks, commodities and currency markets themselves. Planning your approach to a binary options investment strategy like this means your thinking will be consistent with the science more than the emotion of making profits. Thinking about the science more than the emotion of profit making means you will be more confident about which strategy you employ.

Different Strategies in Binary Options

The most important strategy you need to think about is a risk management strategy. As a rule, I always limit my total active investment to no more than 5% to 10% of my capital reserve. Which means that if I have $5000 in my Stern Options account, I will not use more than $250 to $500 in total at any one time. I might invest $25 on ten assets or on twenty assets, but I stick to this rule because I want to be careful not to be over confident about just how accurate my market predictions are going to be. Risk management is a personal strategy for protecting your capital. To learn about the more technical strategies, please refer to the set of demonstration videos which are included for you in Stern’s online training academy.

Economic calendar

News is often a determining factor for market behavior and we should always take the news into consideration. Stern Options provide a fully comprehensive news service in the form of an Economic Calendar. This is the first source of information we should be looking at before choosing from the various technical strategies we use in exploiting to our advantage events in the markets.


A knowledge of strategy is essential if you are to be successful investing through binary options. Stern Options clients are given a fully comprehensive training into a variety of strategies, free and open to access 24/7 on the Stern website. Learning to use tried and tested binary options strategies is easy, a lot easier than learning to drive a car in fact, and if used properly will bring you great success. Strategy is key to success and a successful strategy always emerges from careful preparation and planning. The economic calendar is one of many intellectual tools available to help the investor in making a well-informed binary options choice.