Reviewing Stern Options

Stern Options Review

Stern Options oozes sophistication and class as soon as you enter their homepage. I’ve been trading in Binary Options for years, so I know what to look for when it comes to a trading site. I don’t want something that’s mediocre; I want something that’s going to offer me an unparalleled trading experience, whilst educating its clients to become master traders.

It’s safe to say that Stern Options ticks all those boxes for me, and boasts many attributes that a lot of other trading sites simply don’t offer. Whilst this site isn’t absolutely perfect (does perfection even exist?), it’s pretty close in my opinion. Carry on reading to discover my full review on Stern Options and why I will continue using it for my trading for many years to come.

First Impressions- a Stern Options Review

As mentioned, their homepage is probably one of the most luxurious-looking I’ve ever seen for a trading site. Embellished with a black and gold colour scheme, it’s clear to see that Stern Options are targeting those who want to become serious traders with large investments to spare. Due to this, I wasn’t wholly sure whether Stern Options would properly cater to newcomers (after all, every trader has to start somewhere!) but, upon exploring the site further, I realised that this wasn’t entirely the case – but I’ll explain more about that later.

Once I’d taken in their homepage, I went on to explore their other pages – I had high expectations due to the high standard their homepage had set. It was clear from the outset that Stern Options take the well being and satisfaction of their clients very seriously. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that they put that above all else, making them a site that truly cares about every single one of their customers.

They also had an entire page completely dedicated to their ‘corporate pledge’ in which they, quite literally, make a professional pledge to their clients that guarantees quality of service and a world-class trading platform (if you’d like to see more about this pledge in detail, head over to Stern Options to read it for yourself!). I thought this was a really nice feature, as it will give new clients peace of mind when signing up. They also offer many educational resources which provide traders with all the knowledge and strategy they need to become experts, making it an ideal site for newcomers too!

The Stern Options Customer support offers an excellent addition to the overall amazing service the company offers. They provide assistance and information when requested, with a professional attitude. You can expect to have support 24/7, even after the markets have closed. To read more, go to our customer support page.


My first impression of this site demonstrated its utmost care and attention it gives to its clients’ well being, and as I discovered more features it further emphasized this. Stern Options offers a variety of different account types for traders to choose from. Primarily based on how much you’re willing to invest, these different account options give you, the trader, ultimate flexibility to tailor your account to fit your exact trading requirements. Personally, I went for the Signature account option, but every trader will have their own individual preference.

Stern Options also offers a variety of banking methods which further adds to the flexibility of the site. Offering the standard debit/credit card option, you are also able to use many different e-wallets and international bank transfers. Throughout my entire time trading with Stern Options so far, all of my deposits and withdrawals have been instant and super-quick – perfect for traders who like consistent efficiency and reliability when trading.


Due to everything I initially discovered about this site, I didn’t think I could possibly find any negatives. However, whilst I was submitting the necessary documents for account verification, I kept having to modify my copies and change the angles in which I took my pictures.

I couldn’t really understand where I was going wrong, so I sent an email over to their team. Due to how professional my experience with them had been so far, I was expecting an almost instant reply – unfortunately, it took them over 24 hours to get back to me. So, whilst it’s not a major issue (they did, of course, get back to me eventually!), it did somewhat hinder the speed of getting my account fully verified.


As you can probably tell, Stern Options is a real winner for me and is certain to be my go-to trading site for the foreseeable future. Guaranteed to impress, this site not only utilizes a world-class trading platform, it also put the welfare of its clients above all else which I think is its best feature of all! One thing that I found especially interesting was to read other customer reviews, some of which I have put on this site. I highly recommend you to read our customer reviews page.